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Keratin Smoothing System

What is it?

A formaldehyde free and thioglycolate free temporary smoothing treatment that smooths,straightens and strengthens the hair,drastically frizz,curl and wave for up to 12 weeks.

How does it work?

The treatment penetrates the hair shaft and works from with in the hair's structure, without leaving a sticky residue. Its formula uses keratin protein, amino acids and sulfite chemistry to straighten and smooth the hair. Sulfites work to selectively react upon, or reduce, the cystine bonds in the hair. This reaction allows the hair structure to realign with the application of heat during the flat ironing process, and reconnecting in "straight" form. Then the special formula goes to work with:

* Keratin/wheat protein blend to strengthen and repair

*Amino Acid actives to temporary smooth and alter texture

*Deepshine Marine Nutrient Complex to impart condition and glossy shine

At Home Maintenance:

* Deepshine Smooth Keratin Smoothing Shampoo

*Deepshine Smooth Keratin Smoothing Conditioner

*Deepshine Smooth Keratin Deep-Penetrating Conditioning Treatment

Pricing starts at $120.00